Wednesday, April 17, 2013

GIRLS LACROSSE: Hatboro-Horsham slips past North Penn

North Penn saw no use in chasing the Hatboro-Horsham girls’ lacrosse team around the turf for the final five minutes of the match among the top two teams in the Suburban One Continental Conference. The Hatters were up by the score, and eventual final, 8-6, and the Maidens were playing a man down because of the multiple yellow cards they received throughout the night.

Yellow cards came at the worst time on Tuesday and interrupted any chance the Maidens (5-2, 5-2) had of drawing even with the Hatters (7-1, 6-0) for first place. The first two-minute ejection went to senior goalie Jenna Stover. With the Maidens’ last line of defense absent for the restart, the Hatters’ Rachel Raussa scored the easy open-netter.

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