Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PHILLIES NOTES: Amaro points to 'core guys' for lack of production

PHILADELPHIA — Not only did the Phillies perform miserably on their just-completed road trip, they finished it amid two of their premier pitchers venting some miseries.

First Cliff Lee indicated that if the Phillies didn’t start playing better, the trade deadline would loom ever larger for the club. Not lost in there was the not-so subtle hint that perhaps Lee would half-expect to be part of any trade movement that might crop up in that case.

That done, Cole Hamels really put voice to his frustrations, which seemed way overdue considering he’d just suffered loss No. 10 in a season that so far shouldn’t have produced half that many losses for him.

Lee and Hamels have seen respective measures the past two seasons of non-support from a Phillies offense, with support issues extending back far beyond spring training. Charlie Manuel hasn’t been shy in talking about his hitters needing to pump up the production, but it took a 3-7 road trip for the boss to sound off.

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