Friday, June 7, 2013

FOOTBALL: South eases past North in Bucks County All-Star Football game

A person who talks trash through social media, but will not back his actions is known as a keyboard gangster. A twitter feud between players on the North and South Bucks County All-Stars resulted in the game ending prematurely and the two teams not exchanging handshakes afterwards.

Unlike the usual cowardly connotation to the term, these keyboard gangsters were ready to back their words up in the form of a football game.

“There was a lot of Twitter trash [talking], just communicating the past couple weeks,” Pennridge running back Kenny Crawford said. “This wasn’t just tonight, this was building up for a while. [There was] a lot of sore feelings from the past season with losses and it just let out here. Every one was just pretty dirty.”

South was very effective offensively totaling just less than 400 yards with a balanced attack throwing for 220 while rushing for another 177. Defensively South held North to miniscule three yards rushing. The offensive efficiency and defensive dominance led to a 35-9 South rout.

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