Thursday, June 20, 2013

BASEBALL: Nationals rally past punchless Phillies

PHILADELPHIA — The Phillies were one out away from a morale-boosting sweep of the Nationals.

Somewhere there must be an amusement-ride sign that bans the 2013 Phillies from having morale that goes higher than a cartoon mouse’s ears. Because they cannot seem to qualify for things like “satisfaction” or “pleasure.”

Jonathan Papelbon couldn’t secure the one-run lead the Phillies took into the top of the ninth, and after a largely hapless offensive night for both teams, home-plate umpire Alfonso Marquez put a little squeeze on his strike zone that both cornered and perturbed reliever Mike Stutes and led to a double, an intentional walk, a squeezed-zone walk, and ultimately a grand slam by Ian Desmond that sent the Phils to a disappointing, 6-2, 11-inning loss at Citizens Bank Park.

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