Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DONOFRIO CLASSIC: Cavaliers roll over Pizza Time

For Montgomery Media / RICK KAUFFMAN Pope John Paul II's Brent Mahoney splits defenders Hyking Brisbon and Lamar Stevens in the Donofrio Classic at the Conshohoken Fellowship House on Tuesday.
First thing you have to understand about the rules of the Donofrio Classic is the rules of regular season basketball do not apply. The season over, the state championships won (or lost), the players’ allegiance to their school colors null, rivalries forgotten — this is an entirely different beast. And despite the fact men in black and white striped shirts sprint the floor, the whistles are sucked on but not blown. This is tough and physical play at its finest and unless the audible sound of wrist being slapped is heard, they let them play.

Teams Pizza Time and the Cavaliers (otherwise known as “Old School”) began their battle at 7 o’clock sharp at the Fellowship House of Conshohocken Tuesday night. Players from Pope John Paul II, Lansdale Catholic, La Salle, Plymouth Whitemarsh and more joined to form the Pizza Time squad. While the Cavaliers’ jersey were occupied by Philadelphia-area high schools: Fels, Esperanza, Southern, Master Charter North and others.

Despite coming out hot, the Cavaliers let Pizza Time cool off before devouring them, 91-63.

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